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Premium Fiberglass Frames

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GlassCraft Premium Fiberglass door and sidelite insert frames capture the true wood grain detail with a patented silicone casting with a unique nickle vapor deposition technology. This technology produces the most authentic look and feel of real wood grains in fiberglass doors. Our premium fiberglass insert frames are available in two wood grain textures and colors to match Cherry, Mahogany and Oak wood grains. The premium fiberglass insert frames are built to last and provide years of durability, strength and beauty.

GlassCraft Premium Fiberglass doors and frames have an extremely low expansion or contraction rate. The doors and sidelite frames will not rot, warp, split or crack. Our premium fiberglass frames can be easily painted or stained to match your entry door finish and allow for a greater variety of color options and realistic wood grains.

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Available Sizes         small space
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22" x 64"
8" x 64"
22" x 48"
22" x 48"
8" x 48"

FRAO2264 Tan Frame
FRAM2264 Cherry Frame
FRAO0864 Tan Frame
FRAM0864 Cherry Frame
FRAO2248 Tan Frame
FRAM2248 Cherry Frame
FRAO2248C Tan Frame
FRAM2248C Cherry Frame
FRAO0848 Tan Frame
FRAM0848 Cherry Frame


22" x 36"
8" x 36"
22" x 11"
8" x 42"
14" x 37"
FRAO2236 Tan Frame
FRAM2236 Cherry Frame
FRAO0836 Tan Frame
FRAM0836 Cherry Frame
FRAO2211 Tan Frame
FRAM2211 Cherry Frame
FRAO0842 Tan Frame
FRAM0842 Cherry Frame
FRAO1437 Tan Frame
FRAM1437 Cherry Frame